Application Development, Process Automation and Membership Systems for Colleges, Universities and Education-based Organizations and Publications.

For over twenty years, AGENCYEDU has provided web design and web application development services to colleges, universities and education-based organizations and publications. Throughout every project, our promise remains the same--to produce a web-based system that meets the needs of each client with a firm commitment to deadlines, efficiency and economy.

Subscription & Membership Portals

We have the experience to create a web-based system that allows your members to subscribe to your organization or publication, access organizational information and resources, and submit proposals, grant requests, election ballots, and conference registrations.

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Custom Application Development

From directed self placement systems, to capstone management tools, to database and record-keeping sites, to document review, management and storage solutions, we are ready to take your existing rubrics and systems and create a custom solution.

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Process & Procedure Automation

If you find yourself doing the same manual process over and over--from scheduling TAs based on specific criteria at the start of each semester, to keeping track of a student's progress, to collecting & responding to student inquiries--we can create a solution that automates the process.

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The AGENCYEDU team has developed hundreds of projects for colleges, universities and education-based organizations and publications throughout the world. Across each and every project--regardless if a project costs $50 or $25,000--is a commitment to learn from each client and produce a custom web-based application, website, or site tweak that works for that client... and only that client. Our solutions are not off-the-shelf, but are rather always tailored to your exact needs, ideas, and demands.

From database design and data warehouse integration, to PHP, HTML, Ajax, MySQL, Javascript, and mobile and accessibility-specific programming, we can handle almost any job. All AGENCYEDU-hosted projects run on company-owned servers that are constantly monitored and continually audited. We back-up your data continually, constantly update to match FERPA recommendations, and have the ability to immediately respond to new security threats and advisories.

All projects begin with a conversation and quote.

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