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Web Application Development

The AGENCYEDU team was founded to design and execute extremely custom, site specific web applications designed to handle the various needs of organizations. All of our projects begin with a conversation where we learn what you want to accomplish. We combine that conversation with our more than twenty years of experience in order to put together a proposal that outlines costs, deadlines, and our vision and ideas for your project. Every project is built with an eye toward expansion and modification, allowing us to update projects to meet changing organizational needs. And, every project runs on our proprietary and highly secure company-owned infrastructure.

Since every project is unique, the best way to understand what we do is to review some of the projects that we've taken on, such as those discussed below.

  • The Write Class™: Boise State University designed a multiple measures course matching tool that uses information such as high school GPA, standardized test scores, reading/writing assessment, and student projections based on careful consideration of course materials and external factors to match students with the appropriate first year writing course. Almost ten years ago, the University turned to AGENCYEDU to use their process to create the online web application that they needed. As a testament to our work, we continue to work with Boise State to develop, design and tailor The Write Class™ installations for their ever expanding client list.

  • The Session Summaries System: Unable to find an off-the-shelf solution that contained the features--and only the features--needed, Loyola University of New Orleans' Writing Across the Curriculum program turned to AGENCYEDU to produce a custom database and record storage application. The system, developed in less than three weeks, allows tutors to enter "session summary" records related to tutoring sessions, while also collecting student or tutee surveys. The system also allows the summaries to be sent--via a batch email--to interested parties, such as instructors at the University.

  • The M-Course Review: Almost ten years ago, we created a custom document management and multi-tiered review system for Washington State University. That system allows for the scoring and administration of writing portfolio documents and for the uploading and online archiving of thousands of documents. Like most of our projects, this project has evolved since its initial development. Not only has the AGENCYEDU team worked to add new features and tweaks, but we've also implemented many security updates and programming changes in order to comply with new programming "best practices" and software developments.

  • Timed Writing Exam Registration: We specialize in the ability to create solutions that work within existing applications, and a good example of this work is a portal branding system that we created for Washington State University. As part of their writing assessment program, WSU utilizes the services of ProctorU® to proctor a writing program. Dissatisfied with both the look of and the information collected within the standard ProctorU® application, WSU contracted with AGENCYEDU to produce a custom registration form that integrated seamlessly with the exiting ProctorU® system while being branded as a WSU resource and collecting the additional information the university needed.

As the examples above should illustrate, all of our web applications are extremely custom--designed to meet the exact needs, brand and specifications of a specific entity--but are often priced at less than many off-the-shelf solutions. That's why we count Boise State University, Washington State University and Adelphi University among our many satisfied clients.

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Process and Procedure Automation

The AGENCYEDU team handles much more than full application development. In fact, the majority of our work focuses on creating solutions that automate a manual process or procedure for a client. Typically less expensive than full application development, these solutions are designed to alleviate a time consuming process that can be handled automatically electronically. We have the experience to handle really any request and are happy to provide a no-obligation proposal that describes the cost, deadlines, and our understanding and recommendations for any project.

Since every project is truly unique and incredibly site specific, one of the best ways to understand our capabilities is to review some of the requests that we've fulfilled.

  • Automated Planning and Scheduling Solutions: At the beginning of each semester, one of our clients found himself spending hundreds of hours putting together a teaching schedule for the various teaching assistants and instructors within the department. That schedule, based on departmental need and instructor availability, training, and experience, also required approval from both instructors and departmental leaders. We replaced this manual and time consuming process with an automated program that allowed the client to enter the department's needs, while allowing instructors to enter their availability, preferences, and experience. With one click, our program creates a recommended schedule, allows for modifications, and solicits and collects approvals from instructors and other departmental leaders.

  • Capstone Requirements and Reminders: One of our clients, a departmental advisor, preferred to keep his notes on his advisees' progress through the curriculum within a spreadsheet that he stored on his computer. However, every few weeks, he would have to work through every row in that spreadsheet to find students who needed to make appointments or who needed to submit something by an upcoming date. Rather than creating a complete, online database solution, we simply created a smaller program that allowed the client to upload his spreadsheet once a week. The program would then work through the spreadsheet and send automated emails to those students who needed to submit information or contact him for an appointment.

  • Contact Form Automated Response System: We are also always happy to implement small requests tailored to meet an exact need. For example, one of our clients found herself spending ten to twenty minutes per day responding to emails from high school students interested in her department's offerings. With just a few hours of work, we modified the client's existing web-based "contact" form to solicit a student's reason for contacting the department, and to automatically respond with information based on that reason. Only if the student's question wasn't resolved automatically would the system send the email to our client for a more direct response. A few years later, the client asked us to add another feature that would log all emails and offer a quick report to the client--something that we did with just a couple of hours of additional work.

  • Backdoor Program Access Solutions: The AGENCYEDU team also specializes in adding functionality to an existing application or program. For example, one of our clients uses a commercial program to manage scheduling, recordkeeping and reporting at one of their university centers, and they've set the program to only allow for logins using valid university usernames and passwords. We created a new control panel and front-end programming that enabled them to make exceptions to university-dependent student logins so that non-university students could be given access to their center management program.

We truly love thinking about ways to automate manual processes and procedures, and we have the experience to create creative solutions quickly and at the most economical pricing possible. If you have a process or procedure that takes your time, but that you think might be able to be automated, let us put together a no-obligation proposal today.

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